Located near Toronto, Canada, Gateway Freight Systems Inc. employs a large, expert staff and executes over 25,000 cross - border less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) shipments annually. Gateway provides freight services to hundreds of North American shippers using its network of several thousand asset-based motor carriers. Gateway is a regulated, licensed, and bonded transportation intermediary. We provide expedited service at common carrier rates and are for many US shippers, their trusted gateway to the Canadian market. Since 1994, the personal attention each shipment receives from our experienced, highly competent staff, has ensured that millions of pieces of freight have arrived on time, damage-free, and on budget.

Our people are our non-secret weapon.

Walk Off The Earth
  • Mike Taylor, Gateway's President, is a member of Walk Off The Earth, (Beard Guy) here.
  • Read some news about our company and our folks, here.
  • If you need to get hold of one of them, look here.

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