About Us

With more than 28 years industry experience we manage over of 30,000 shipments per year.

Our business is communication.

We provide our shippers with a one-stop, seamless North American transportation solution by positioning ourselves as the single point of contact for all your logistics partners. Our organic computer expertise makes possible the continuous in-house development of customized software solutions guided by the evolving needs of our customer base. We offer our shippers and receivers the ability to arrange, track and manage their shipments via our interactive web-enabled freight management tool. We also provide email status updates for current and pending shipments. Monthly management reports are also available to our customers, providing visibility and helping shippers identify potential traffic optimization opportunities through detailed lane-by-lane analysis.

Our business is transportation.

The vast majority of the traffic Gateway handles – greater than 95% – crosses the US-Canada border and so Gateway makes an excellent partner for US shippers who have little or no experience shipping to Canada. And because Gateway is located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where most inbound international cargo terminates and where the majority of Canadian trucking companies are based, Gateway maintains an unparalleled list of Canadian carriers that directly service points across the United States. Toronto itself occupies a unique location in the North American economy with its high concentration of population and commercial activity, as well as its role as a debarkation point for many goods entering Canada. And we are here as your NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) connection to Canada.